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William Logic
Meet William, your dedicated tutor specializing in English and Math for elementary students in Toronto, Canada. With extensive teaching experience both locally and abroad, particularly in China, William brings a blend of patience, enthusiasm, and dedication to his sessions. He prioritizes beginner-level education as pivotal for a student's growth and employs a personalized approach, tailoring each curriculum to suit individual learning styles and goals. William's interactive teaching style fosters a fun and engaging learning environment, ensuring steady progress for every student. Whether you're a budding learner or a parent seeking educational support, William is ready to guide you on your academic journey with passion and expertise.

About the tutor

Greetings! I'm William, a seasoned tutor offering English and Math tailored for elementary students, proudly based in the charming city of Toronto, Canada. Besides tutoring, I have a passion for sports like basketball, hockey, and baseball, and I'm quite the musician, playing multiple instruments. Sushi is my ultimate comfort food, and I'm fluent in both English and Chinese.

With years of teaching experience in Canada and overseas, particularly in China, I've primarily focused on elementary education, believing it to be the foundation of a student's growth. Patience, enthusiasm, and dedication define my teaching style, blending student-led and traditional approaches to suit different learning environments.

In online sessions, I start by understanding each student's background, proficiency, and aspirations to tailor a suitable curriculum. I emphasize interactive, enjoyable learning experiences and provide regular feedback to ensure progress.

Curious to explore learning with me? Feel free to schedule a trial lesson where we can discuss your goals and experiences. Thank you for considering me as your tutor, and I eagerly await our potential collaboration!


Sunday10:00 am - 9:00 pm
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Teaching Subjects

English for Elementary School Student

William Logic employs a dynamic and personalized approach to teaching English to elementary school students. With years of experience and a passion for education, William creates engaging lessons tailored to each student's unique needs and learning style. He starts by assessing the student's proficiency level and goals, then designs a curriculum that combines foundational language skills with interactive activities and games. Through patient guidance and encouragement, William fosters a supportive learning environment where students feel confident to explore and express themselves in English. With a focus on practical application and active participation, William helps students build their vocabulary, grammar, and communication skills while instilling a love for the English language.

Mathematics for Elementary School Student

William Logic approaches teaching mathematics to elementary school students with enthusiasm and creativity. Drawing from his wealth of tutoring experience, William emphasizes understanding fundamental concepts before moving on to more complex topics. He customizes his lessons to cater to each student's individual learning style and pace, ensuring that they feel confident and engaged throughout the learning process. Using a variety of hands-on activities, visual aids, and real-life examples, William makes math enjoyable and relatable, helping students grasp abstract concepts with ease. Through patient guidance and encouragement, he empowers students to tackle math problems with logic and confidence, laying a solid foundation for their future mathematical success.

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Work Experience

English for beginners

With a decade of expertise, I've honed my skills in establishing a strong groundwork for novice learners in fundamental grammar and vocabulary.

English for kids

With seven years of tutoring experience catering to children under 13, I offer comprehensive academic support across all subjects, not just English.

Mathematics for beginners

Mathematics for beginners is an immersive and interactive journey designed to introduce foundational concepts with clarity and enthusiasm, fostering confidence and a love for learning in young mathematicians.

Mathematics for kids

athematics for kids is transformed into an exciting adventure filled with interactive activities and engaging lessons, ensuring a fun and effective learning experience tailored to their needs.

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