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Arteebee is your go-to online platform, making it super easy for students to meet the perfect tutors. Born in Toronto, Canada, in 2024, our dream has always been to create connections between millions of students and tutors across more than 15 countries. Imagine having the world’s knowledge at your fingertips, no matter where you are – that’s what Arteebee is all about.
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Our team may be small, but our hearts and dreams are big. Led by founders who are not only passionate about technology but also deeply care about education, Arteebee is now proud to bring our globally recognized services to our home turf, Canada. We’re all about helping Canadian students and tutors shine on the world stage.
Finding the right tutor shouldn’t be hard. Arteebee is your one-stop online tutoring marketplace, where you can find the best tutors from across Canada to match your educational needs and budget. Whether it’s for yourself or your kids, for school subjects or university education, Arteebee makes hiring online tutors a breeze.
But Arteebee isn’t just another tutoring site. It’s a cutting-edge platform equipped with the latest in communication technology, designed to make online learning as smooth and effective as being in the same room. From scheduling and alerts to recording lessons and sharing files, Arteebee provides all the tools you need for a seamless learning experience, all in one place.
The vision behind Arteebee came from a group of high-tech industry friends in the Greater Toronto Area. They envisioned a platform that blends top-notch technology with affordability, making quality education accessible to everyone. At Arteebee, we’re not just building a platform; we’re creating a community where every student can find their ideal tutor and achieve their learning goals. Join us on this journey to transform online education, one session at a time.
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